Our Services

A Personal Video Biography can be anything you want it to be.
We offers a variety of options for your own personal documentary on DVD or VHS. See our Video Gift Ideas!

Video Biography offers other choices for videos

We animate (pan and zoom) the photographs to make them more interesting in the DVD movie. Ken Burns used this technique to great effect in his award winning documentary on the Civil War. We can pan from one subject in the photo to another, or do a slow fade in or fade out

a) Photo Montage Video
This type of video is ideal for weddings, graduation, retirement, memorials or any other important occasion. You supply the photos and/or video clips and we will assemble them into a montage suitable for a presentation.
Please email us if you would like a sample of a recent retirement clip.

b) We transfer photographs to DVD!
Photographs also fade and deteriorate over time. Personal Video Biography can scan your photos, preserving them in digital format
forever. We can enhance or restore your photos too!

Make copies of your scrapbook photos as a DVD movie so you can share them with friends and family! With can also provide a CD-ROM copy of the photos we scan.
We can either create a “slideshow” of your photos (where one photo fades into the next). We can even include titles (captions) for your photos and add background music to enhance the cinematic experience!

You can also combine photographs and video for the ultimate in DVD memories!