Video Biography

Every person has an interesting story to tell. The story needs to be told to those who are closely related. A personalized Video Biography is a filmed story featuring the highlights of one’s life punctuated by one’s own narration – it is a lasting legacy.

A Video Biography can be so many things for so many different people.

> It can be a perfect present for a parent’s or grandparent’s birthday, anniversary, or retirement.

> It can document the arrival of a newborn child and the hopes of its parents.

> It can be a montage of photographs from a recent vacation. Or a collection of family portraits from over the years.

> It can be a tribute to a special colleage or friend. It can celebrate a milestone, birthday or anniversary.



“We are very pleased that this excellent legacy may be passed on. I am sure (this production) will be viewed and keenly appreciated by many.”“The quality of the production is clear and very captivating. It was so enjoyable to see my life put together that beautifully. I’m happy I sat down with you and made my video.”“The video is AWESOME!! I loved it, they loved it, everyone was crying by the end.Thank you so much for getting it done so quickly.