About us

Personal Video Biography

is owned and operated by videographer Elly Sriro journalist-editor. She has spent over 20 years as a editor for different magazines (Premier, Elite). Because of her attention of detail she insures the highest quality and elegant process of design. Her professional interview techniques coupled with integration of important photographs, memorabilia and awards, are the cornerstones to a broadcast-quality production. She has prepared over 35, various length videos.

The equipment

she uses is the Emmy Award-winning Macintosh G5 computer with AGP graphics card, and with Final Cut HD professional film editing software. She uses a digital Cinema Desktop with an attached Apple Cinema Display for full-resolution HD and SD video playback with real-time effects. Video is shot on a high-quality 3-chip GL2 DV camera that gives it a near cinematic look, and then pieced together on a professional nonlinear digital editing suite.

Each video we produce is noted for its film-like appearance.


The company address is: 18861 Colony Circle, Villa Park, CA 92861
Email addresses:
Owner: esriro@adelphia.net

Marketing staff:
Katalin Balint: katibalint@yahoo.com
Katalin Heilig: katoca@yahoo.com
Susan Marta: smarta1@cox.com